Friday, December 24, 2010

Australian Tourist Visa

Eligibility: The main considerations given by the Australian authorities when reviewing applications regard the traveler’s intent to return to Thailand. As with other countries, Australia seeks to ensure that tourists do not overstay their visas. Therefore, it is necessary for the Thai applicant to prove that they intend to return to Thailand.

First, the applicant should demonstrate strong ties to home. Being able to prove stable employment is important. In lieu of employment, children should show enrollment in school. The Australian Embassy will also consider personal and real property as ties to home. Thai applicants should submit proof of real estate holdings or significant personal assets. Personal property may include assets like cars and the like. Additionally, applicants should prove the evidence showing that they have dependants in Thailand. Furthermore, it is advisable that the applicant submit a copy of their itinerary. To sum up, the applicant needs supply sufficient and convincing evidence that they fully intend on returning to Thailand once their visa has expired.

Secondly, the Australian authorities seek to ensure that the applicant will be able to support themselves financially once in Australia. The applicant should supply bank statements and other financial documents to prove their status. If the applicant will be sponsored or hosted, the Australian officials will require proof of this as well. The sponsor must provide a letter of invitation. Additionally, the sponsor must submit to a financial inspection. The Australian authorities will then examine their records and bank accounts.

Process: The process for obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa is relatively straightforward. First, the applicant must compile the necessary documentation. This includes the visa application (Form 48R), a passport photo, and the applicant’s passport (this must be valid for at least six months). 

Additionally, the applicant must provide a letter of leave from their employer, an itinerary outlining their trip, and proof of transportation to and from Australia. The applicant must also submit proof that they will be able to support themselves once they are in Australia. This proof often takes the form of bank statements or traveler’s checks. If an Australian citizen is going to sponsor the visa holder, then the necessary documents associated with sponsorship must also be submitted. 

Once the Australian mission receives all of the information, they will process the application. This typically takes 5-10 business days. At this point, the mission will either grant or deny the visa request.

Conclusion: The Australian Tourist’s Visa is an attainable document for Thai travelers. That being said, an applicant must take due care when applying. They must submit the necessary proof sought by the Australian authorities. Therefore, it may be wise to contact an attorney.