Saturday, February 12, 2011

Working in Dubai

Dubai United Arab Emirates is one of the workplaces in the fastest growing in the world. Up to 20 new enterprises to solve the emirate during the week of free trade areas, and since 2002 some 650 companies have registered with the commercial area of Dubai Media City free alone.

In particular, tourism, information technology, media and finance there are significant job opportunities for qualified personnel and if you are interested in working in Dubai, here is a guide to tax the working life more exciting, free, fast growing multi cultural location in the world.

Yes, you heard me right, Dubai is tax free - if you live and work in the emirate gross earnings paid to you and even if you buy a house to live do not apply to property taxes because of personal taxation is against the law in Dubai !

Emirate currently has 15 free trade zones and 7 others in the program. free trade zones where foreign companies can establish themselves and grow without restrictions on business taxation and to submit, for example, without a local majority shareholding structure. As a direct result of all the incentives offered to foreign companies, are free trade zones has been incredible, and create job opportunities for foreign personnel within the week.

To work in Dubai you require a work permit and residence visa and the majority of employers arrange these for their expatriate work force when they are named. If you plan to travel to Dubai in search of work, you can enter the country on a temporary visa, then once you find a job, you can claim your work permit and visa. The rules regarding the period of time you can stay in the country on a temporary visa vary depending on where you herald from and you should check with the embassy of UAE local rules that apply to you before you travel.

Most shops in Dubai is on a network, then when you arrive, may seem a little strange to have to go there immediately and start to introduce yourself to people. But do not worry, you soon get used to. Make sure you have a handful of business cards on hand when you leave your home, trading cards, the first step to successful networking!

Once you have installed in the different working hours in Dubai - the closure of many companies for several hours in the afternoon and no local people take appointments on a Friday - and once you have settled into the rhythm of life social, you start to love their new environment. The quality of living for expatriates in Dubai is very likely that inimitable elsewhere have emphasized the creation of a paradise where foreign workers can work hard, play hard life, living a full and entire experience a day of skiing on a slope covered golf to diving to camel in the desert.

Foreigners represent 94% of the population in Dubai and, as a direct result you can almost promise you friends quickly and easily. The environment in Dubai is so multi-cultural, open and free, and there are many community centers and events are designed for people to meet and make new friends. These all help ease new residents to their new lives. Everyone is making a big effort to get to Dubai, because they are all in the same boat together - working from home, but enjoy being in a country that offers first class business opportunities and tax-free lifestyle - could you ask for more?