Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holidays In Malta

Holidays In Malta And The Property Of Being Hit By Poor Infrastructure 

Polluted beaches, poor roads and poor infrastructure could cost the economy millions in lost sales of Malta, according to the guides on the island.

The tour guide give examples of the tourists are not likely to return to Malta for a holiday, and investors put off buying property because of road conditions.

In one case, an investor based in Switzerland, which was due to buying a home, now retired from road conditions, and tourists complain approached several beaches, traffic and, in some cases, hazardous conditions sidewalks, saying it would make a return visit to the island.

"Low investment in Malta tourism and infrastructure of the island is running investors and tourists from other destinations," Guide to argue, adding that "At a time when many Mediterranean islands are seeing an increase in the number of visitors, Malta has seen a drop of over 2 percent in the first six months of 2006 compared to 2005, and if there is a sharp turn in Malta by luck than the overall figures for the year on holiday everything could be worse ".

Property prices in Malta have increased significantly in recent years, prompted in part on Malta's accession to the European Union in 2004.

Recent government data showed an increase in 4:00 percent the year to March 2006.

A real estate company in Malta, however, indicates that the demand for property in Malta remains buoyant in the UK, USA European markets and the Australian continent, and establish a ten percent increase in the years to come.

"We usually see a drop in demand for several months before a leveling of prices," said their spokesman Roger Munns, "But demand for Malta this year is as strong as in 2005 and currently we can not see the prices are a way of short term at least - and it is. "

The Maltese government should allow developers to use more land for construction, but some real estate companies see this as a negative rather than a positive step.

"Malta is an island with a limited amount of land, and although the government of Malta with a view to release more land for building, and more features that the answer to rising real estate prices, we believe this is the wrong approach ", a real estate company says," and, finally, more developments could have a negative impact on the Maltese economy.

Tourism is an important sector for Malta, and tourists are not impressed by cranes and construction work, when trying to relax or go to see Malta's historical monuments, and if this is your first visit to the island there is a chance higher than last year will lose their business to Malta holidays industry repeat. "

Malta Holidays

There has been some discontent on the island about the rising prices of property in Malta, and with less overseas buyers the possibility of falling prices and more islanders being able to get the "property ladder could be a good news, because today's tourist is often the buyer of the future property.

But there has been speculation for some time that low-cost airlines are to start offering flights to Malta, and this will help Malta hotels and holiday market and more people consider three and four-day breaks instead of the traditional week or two weeks, which increased the total number of visitors, especially if Air Malta and low cost airlines bring the cost of Malta flights to levels that the Spanish islands.

Malta has always seen the majority of its visitors from the United Kingdom, but this may be more diverse in coming years.