Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meat Workers Needed In Western Australia

British in the meat industry hoping to migrate to Australia could find the answer in Western Australia, where the government commits more resources to attract skilled migrants.

Skilled workers in the meat has been granted temporary entry into Western Australia, after three years of agreement seeking, Kevin Andrews, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Margaret Quirk, West Australian Minister for Small Business.

Australia is a whole, the unemployment rate of 4.4 percent, but the boom in Western Australia has only 2.7 percent, which led to temporary shortages of some skilled workers in the meat industry.

The agreement means that employers must commit to training Australian workers too, which helps ensure the future of the sector and provides strict requirements for skills assessment and the minimum wage of $ 41.850 (£ 17,500) - minimum wage - or the relevant industrial instrument, whichever is higher.

The authorities hope that Western companies in the Australian meat will be provided with a temporary solution to solve the shortage of skilled workers, while jobs for Australian workers safe.

The Government committed an additional A $ 85.3 million in four years for the program of temporary migration of skilled workers to help eradicate the abuses and violations.

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