Saturday, July 9, 2011

Travel Tours In Brazil

Travel Tours Gone Wild Expansion To More Destinations In Brazil 

Tours Gone Wild is one of the leading companies offering travel packages for travel to Brazil. The company started in 2004 with Brazil as the main destination, but is extended to Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Greece and offers travel packages to Miami, where the company is based.

Brazil is one of the most important and TGW in 2008, the company opened an office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil offers its customers a better service, and to be present in Brazil. "One of the keys to survival in the tourism sector in these offers something unique and excellent service at an affordable price. We started the company in 2004, more attention for its nightlife and the younger population, but we have developed a service complete travel agency that serves all. Our goal is to provide high quality package holiday in Brazil and to ensure that our customers have the holiday of a lifetime, "says Arturo Perchemlian, the founder of TBV.

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's most popular tourist destination TGW. Rio de Janeiro for vacation packages: plane tickets, trips, transfers, half-day tour of the city nightlife and VIP services. "Our services are offered to the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro over the years, and customize the service VIP clients. We have relationships with the best nightlife of Rio, but if the client is not part of a club / bar scene, organize a guide to take him / her a nice restaurant, samba shows, live music or a nice place more relaxing atmosphere, "adds Mr. Perchemlian.

VIP service and expert advice, is what separates TGW TGW separately from the other company that offers vacation packages to Brazil. It is not difficult for Brazil to book online travel package, but the goal is a person to show you the fun and give you expert advice is the key. When you arrive at your destination, it is also hard to find to do during the day, but when the sun goes down, it is lost, and in some places can get a bit 'rough and dangerous.

Brazil has been growing year after year as one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America (second in the hospitality industry in Mexico). With the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is about to become the tourist destination in the world. While Rio is the TGW base of operations in Brazil and its main tourist destination in Brazil, which has expanded its offerings to include the package Buzios, Iguassu Falls, the Amazon and Manaus, Salvador and Florianópolis. The company also offers travel packages in Brazil for special events like Carnival in Brazil, the New Year in Rio de Janeiro and the F1 Grand Prix in Sao Paulo.

The service part of the tourism sector is important. "Over the past four years, we get tons additional requests, we are in Rio de Janeiro tours, or even a separate trips to other destinations in Brazil. We worked with the best travel providers to offer high quality vacation packages that include hotel accommodation, transfers and tours throughout Brazil. Even if the appearance of VIP nightlife was not included in other sites, we give recommendations for its nightlife, and even make restaurant reservations through the office of Rio de Janeiro. Florianopolis is really becoming one of the hottest parties and jet-set destinations in the world, and will extend the service to the nightlife destination in Brazil, "adds Mr. Perchemlian.