Monday, September 21, 2015

Tips When Visiting Russia

Make you register your visa and keep the receipt with you…

Russian law requires that you register your visa when you get to Russia. If you don’t register your visa, you can run into trouble when it is time to exit the country. To register your visa, all you have to do is give your registration documents and passport to the people at the front desk of your hotel. They will take care of registration for you. If you are more of a free spirit, and plan to jump from city-to-city, then just make sure you keep record of your train tickets. Russian law states that you don’t have to register your visa if you are staying in any one city less than three days.

Learn and understand the letters

You don’t have to speak Russian to go to Russia, but if you want to get around easier, it is good to be able to recognize letters and a few basic words. All signs are in Russian, and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who speaks English. To get around easier, get a good map, chart out how many stops there are to your destination, and double check by matching the Cyrillic letters on your map to your stop. It sounds hard, but with an hour of practice, you’ll be a pro.