Friday, April 22, 2016

Best Ways To Ask a Guy to buy you a Car or Spend Cash On you ... (Na Na-Not a goal Digging style )

How to check if a guy has cash to spend

To understand if a man has cash to blow, test out the same old things, his car, his footwear, his clothes, his watch, his tooth and fingernails. If he’s wearing luxurious garments and using an highly-priced vehicle, possibilities are, he’s got the money. Sometimes (not always) rich guys drive cheap cars and appears as if they got nothing -  Bear in mind, flashy doesn't mean he's wealthy ! Just like going easy doesn't say the guy is poor as well. So watch out.

The say - Dirty equals bad, even though. Wealthy way various things to exclusive people. Depends on how much money you've got, you may suppose five figures is rich. Others might suppose six figures is rich. I’m more of a seven figures and up gal myself (although I haven’t dated everybody with that sort of cash but).

Men will talk about their job. A five-figure man will talk about his job at the computer lab or whatever. A six-figure man may talk about life in the corporate office. A seven-figure man will talk about the trips he takes all over the world. Pay attention.

Now how to discover that the Guy will spend

There is a simple way to find out if a guy will spend his money. Ask him to. When you first meet a man and he is talking to you, if you happen to be at a bar, coyly ask “would you like to buy me a drink?” Most guys see that as flirting. Cheap guys grip their wallets and clench their butt cheeks. I went on a date with a guy who was an hour and a half late picking me up and I joked and said “I forgive you. I’ll just have to order the most expensive thing on the menu.” He said, “Then I’ll just have to dine and dash.” I don’t think he was joking. Especially since his car was a crime scene. Just put the idea of spending money in the air and see how he reacts to it. Talk about the price of things. Ask him “what’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever given to a girlfriend?”

Get the deal Done

If  he doesn’t have money and/or he won’t spend his money, you need to ditch that guy and move on to the next one. Once you’ve found someone who has money and will spend it, the following steps are important for having money spent on you.

1. Dress good and nice – Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t have to dress like it. Wear your best outfits. Put on make up. Keep your hair done. If he has money, he’s not going to want to be seen with someone who looks homeless. The pity angle does not work when trying to seduce money out of a man.

2. Get yourself some confidence – Like I said, the pity angle usually doesn’t work. You must approach him with confidence. Show him that you are smart and competent and then make him want to buy stuff for you, because you deserve it. Not because he feels sorry for you.

3. Ask for what you want – If you go to the mall with your guy and you see something you like, ask for it.
4.  Try to be good to him – Don’t be mean or traumatic. Don’t be a brat. This is a turn off to big guys. Again, you don’t need to be a push over or make him sense sorry for you either. Simply be nice and sincere.

Some people believe that the trick is to date a middle aged/older man and become very open, sexually. He will spend lots of money on you and not expect much from you emotionally. Other people believe that you have to have lots of charisma in order to enchant a man into spending his life savings on you.I don’t suppose there are any tricks involved. I think its clear-cut. Whats your thought