Sunday, July 17, 2016

Horrible Mistakes Women Make That Extinguish Any Chances Of A Lasting Healthy Relationship...

1.  Disregarding your instincts which are telling        you to run away
2.  Trusting what he says
3.  Sleeping with him too soon
4.  Permitting him to move in
5.  Giving him money
6.  Giving him another chance after he shows             you who he is
7.  Offering him sexual favors which go against          your grain
8.  Failure to run a background check on him
9.  Not believing the bad things you hear about          him from others

10. Most important: not breaking up with him, so       you may enjoy a lasting healthy relationship

All of these are good indicators of a dead-end relationship, but here's another sign: if you feel like you can't be yourself, or that you are "auditioning" for the part of getting to be his love interest, RUN, don't walk away. I always felt for some reason that I had to prove I was the "perfect" girlfriend, and would go to any lengths to try to gain his favor... yet even when I knew I had gone above-and-beyond, he would only give a begrudging acknowledgment (at best) for the efforts, yet none of my attempts to show love/affection would be returned. When you are putting in all the energy to make the "relationship" work, then you know something is wrong. Nothing you can do will make it right, and the harder you try, the more you feed the N beast, you lose your own identity, and the vicious circle goes on and on until you have nothing of yourself left. Trust your instincts and although it's easier to say than do, DO NOT let anyone make you doubt your own worth