Friday, October 28, 2016

Reasons to always have the kids at the back of the vehicles when driving

While you are driving your car, imagine you are on the interstate and you are cruising. You have the windows down, your children are in the car and life is so great. In one instance you could jeopardize the safety of your children. Having your children in the back seat at all times is the safest place for them.

When your child is in the front of your vehicle and riding imagine you are hit, and your airbags eject those air bags could possibly burn your child or keep them from breathing if they were to be directly shoved in your child's face. You would feel terrible is this were to happen to your baby. Many people think their child is at the age where they can sit in the front seat. If you have a child under twelve they should always remain in the back seat and this is just another couple reasons why. All vehicles seatbelts and restraining gear are used and made for an adults anatomy, not a child's. CHILDREN ARE NOT ADULTS.Vehicle restraint systems are designed for adults.

The front seatbelts in a vehicle are positioned at the lowest part of an ADULT'S hip bone. A child who is small will actually have the chance of this seatbelt made and designed for an adult rising up in an accident and initially can cause a lot of abdominal pain and injuries to your child. The seatbelts in the back of a vehicle are further away from the airbags, the windshield and the dash which are all big factors in one getting hurt especially a child when in an accident.

I hope all parents realize how serious this could and will be if they are to potentially place their child in such a risky position in a car. Don't do it! This will never be worth it. Always, keep your child in the back seats of a vehicle.