Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reason Some Men Pull Away after the first days of your meeting and what to do

Does this situation sound familiar? You have been getting closer and closer to your guy recently and things seem to have been going really well.

You guys were spending so much together and he was calling or texting every day. He would bring you flowers or do other romantic things, such as take you out for a fancy dinner date.Then all of a sudden, just as quickly as you guys got close, he starts to withdraw.

If you are wondering why men pull away, then welcome to the club! This is such a common occurrence that just about every woman has asked herself this question at some point.
The answer of course depends on your exact situation, so I will go over some of the most common scenarios to break down the most common reasons why your man has been withdrawing.

What can be done  If A Man Pulls Away After The First Few Dates
We have all been there, so do not feel bad if this happens to you. You have been dating a new guy and things seemed to be going well. He was texting and calling you and seemed really interested. You went on a few dates and then bam, he suddenly just disappears on you. You never hear from him again and it is as if none of it ever happened.

So what is going on here? Are you crazy? Did you make the whole thing up in your head? Should you call him and try to find out if he is still interested?The bottom line here is that this guy is not interested in you, and it is time to move on to the next guy. You are a hot, single woman who deserves to be chased and wooed by your man. You do not need to waste any more time on the kind of guy who just disappears.

In the beginning when you have just started dating a guy, both of you are still free to date other people. He probably has other options, and you should definitely have other options too. Date multiple guys at once so you never get hung up on this kind of guy. In the dating phase, you should be letting guys chase after you. Guys have a biological instinct that makes them want to hunt you down and claim you as their own. They love to beat out the competition and win the prize. In order for that instinct to get fulfilled, you need to hold back and let them pursue you.

If you come on too strong in the beginning of a relationship by calling or texting a guy constantly, he is going to lose interest and pull away. Letting him pursue you at this stage is what will keep him interested and prevent him from pulling away.

If you let a guy pursue you, and he still pulls away, that is a sure sign that he is not interested. Wouldn’t you rather know now before you get too invested in the relationship?There is no need to let it get you down if a guy loses interest. Wondering why men pull away after just a few dates will only drive you crazy.  There are plenty of other guys right around the corner that would love to get a chance with you.