Monday, December 26, 2016

What to do when your man is taken you for granted

Get your self busy

If you two are dating and aren’t just hookup buddies, he should be asking you at least a day in advance to see you. If he gives you any less notice than this, always say you’re busy, even if you’re not. Make him learn that if he wants to see you, he’ll have to ask sooner. Remind him that others want your time, and you don’t save it for him.
If he is taking you for granted, you need to start worrying less about him and focus more on yourself. That being said, pursue your passions! Go out and do something nice for yourself, like getting your nails done or your hair done. Take up that dance class or art class. Do things for YOURSELF and keep yourself as busy as possible.

 Forget About His Birthday
His big day is coming up, and maybe BEFORE you had big plans to make him feel special. But why should you go out of your way to make him feel great when he’s making you feel so insignificant? Forget about his birthday. He will be mad, but maybe this is what you need to do to show him he doesn’t deserve anything special until he starts treating you right.

 Hang Out with Your Gal Pals More
So he didn’t make plans for the two of you this weekend- who cares! Go hang out with your girlfriends and have an absolute blast. When he calls you last minute to hang out on Saturday night, simply let him know you’ve already made plans with your gals.

Do something that makes you the star
Whether this means joining a band, taking singing lessons and putting on recitals, doing standup comedy, do something that puts all eyes on you. Remind him that you’re wonderful, and that plenty of people are ready and eager to give you attention. So if you don’t get it from him, you might just go get it elsewhere…

Cancel on him
If he takes you for granted, he probably often puts other things like his work or friends or even alone time before the relationship. Do the same by means of cancelling. Cancel because you’re tired and want a night to yourself, or cancel because your friends invited you to something really fun. Show him that the relationship has basically been surviving because you have been prioritizing it, and force him to pull his own weight.
Withhold information…for a while
If something big happens in your life, don’t tell your guy for a while. Then let it slip one day and when he says, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” say, “Well it seemed like you had too much on your mind to listen lately so I just went to somebody else.” Make him feel left out, and make him see he did that to himself.

Dress up super-hot…then leave the house
Remind him he doesn’t take you to do anything that warrants such an outfit, so the rest of the world gets to enjoy seeing you in it, instead of him.

Let me know if those works