Friday, January 6, 2017

You observed that your Man/Husband is stressed : Here is how to HELP him

Best way to know if he’s worried or stressed

One the ways to know if your husband is stressed is to check out his present behaviors with his regular acts.When comparing his current behavior with his usual one, you should look for how he usually talks, texts, his body language, his mood and even his health compared to how he is now.

Check if he’s constantly creating a fight with
He is arguing with you more than he ever has. This tends to be a major sign of a stressed husband. He will be what some women describe as snapping over the smallest and most meaningless of things due to how stressed and upset he is.

He won’t tell you what’s really bothering him, but he will possibly argue or fight over the smallest of things as he is trying to take out his anger for what is really stressing him out.
However, despite your husband being stressed, you aren’t his punching bag or his outlet for his anger. Remember to help him, be there for him, and to calm him down, but also make sure he doesn’t treat you horribly.

He is becoming more critical?
He’ll be more critical of you and what you do or say, due to him being so stressed. This is a reoccurring part of his stressed behavior as whatever he is stressed out over, he can’t fix. Meaning, he will be trying to control, fix, or nitpick and judge whatever else he can, due to his bad mood.

The romance has left your nest.
He won’t be anywhere near as affectionate, loving, sweet, caring, romantic, or attentive to you as he usually is.
This is a big sign of your husband being stressed as it will just drain so much energy from him and leave him not feeling romantic due to what is on his mind.

Additionally, he also won’t be wanting to express his love to you in the sheets for the exact same reasons. He may even struggle to get or sustain an erection due to his stress.
Health issues might occur

This is a very serious side effect that is associated with high, intense levels of stress.
It has been proven, that being overly stressed can cause heart attacks, cancer, ulcers, strokes, blood pressure issues, colds, a weakened immune system, headaches, sleep deprivation, and other issues that will affect his health for the worse.
Meaning, if your husband is starting to feel sick, have even more aches and pains, or to exhibit other symptoms of diseases and health issues, you really need to get him to a doctor, or alleviate his stress right away.

He’s in withdrawal
You will start to notice that he will be more withdrawal at home. He won’t pay as much attention to you or what he’s doing, he’ll zone out, and he will want even more alone time. He may even be more absent-minded as a result of his stress.

No comfort
Instead of your husband being his sweet, comforting self, he will be not so emotional or connected to you and won’t comfort or support you as much.
In addition to all of the other symptoms that your husband will display if he is stressed, he will also act like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
He will also leave no time for his hobbies or usual activities, he will be fatigued, edgy, distracted, and will even have over-exaggerated reactions to bad concepts that are large, or minimal.

How would you help him?
As mentioned above, you know your husband best, you know his stress symptoms best, and you know how to help him best. However, many women who have a stressed husband will wonder how to help him and due to the worry consuming them they become stressed themselves.
As well, many women have are starting conversations with their friends by saying “my husband is stressed”, and they then go on to talk about how it affects them and their marriage because the don’t know how to help him.
In order to avoid those conversations and that uneasy feeling you have while being unsure of what to do, read YouQueens solutions below to help you understand how to help your husband.
Healthier meals
Due to health issues associated with stress, it is important to cook healthy foods for your husband to eat in order for him to boost his immune system, and to even feel better in general.
Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, clear people’s minds, allow them to focus better, be healthier, and be happier. Exercise is a very important and strong remedy for eliminating stress.
By him exercising he will be doing something cathartic. It will also allow him to exert all of his bad energy, and to bring good energy back into his life.

If you and your husband split the housework or have lists of what has to be done, do the work for him without telling him. That way when he looks at his list it is empty.
As much as you don’t want to do more chores this will really help your stressed husband. Due to him feeling stressed over something in his life, he doesn’t need to feel like he has even more on his plate.
If he feels that way, he will become more overwhelmed and more stressed due to what he has to do and the fact that it is all piling up.

Help him lighten up
Laughter is the best medicine, do things that always make him laugh or watch his favorite comedy movies to cheer him up. The more laughter the better, it will be guaranteed to help him relax and cheer up.

Quality time
Plan dates and activities for the two of you to do together that he loves to do. For example, if your husband loves to hike then plan a road trip to a great hiking trail and spend the day enjoying nature and having fun.
Regardless of what he loves to do, it will help him be happy, realize you are with him and by his side. As a result, he will feel some relief and happiness instead of constant stress.

Be romantic
Everyone wants to feel loved and cared for, especially when times are tough. Do romantic gestures which he will absolutely love. This will be a reminder of the good times and it will make him happy.
By being romantic it will show him that you are with him no matter what and that you love and care for him.

Give him space
young handsome man outside at house balcony alone looking depressed 2
As much as this seems to be counter-intuitive, it isn’t. In fact, this is very important when it comes to helping your stressed husband. He may want more time to think, to breath, and to be himself.
Whatever he is stressed about is eating him up and sometimes you have to be there for him, but also give him the space he needs as he has to do this on his own.
However, make sure you are still supportive and there for him when you need to be.

Be his wife, not his mom
Do not boss him around, nag, pester, or hover over him. Instead, just be there to support, love, and care.
As much as it may seem that you need to do some motherly actions, don’t, and if you do, infuse it with love and care, and make it minimal so it is in a wife loving way.

Be patient
Patience is a virtue and one you must have. Don’t get frustrated, down, or rush him in whatever process he is taking. It is important to do this for him as you love him and care for him, and need to be there for him while you help him along the way.
Being on the sidelines while you are worrying about your stressed husband is a very difficult task. Sadly, it is one that many women face as their husbands keep their stress to themselves.
However, a big thing to stop or prevent the stress from growing or happening is to talk about it with each other.

Communication and being together as a team is crucial for any relationship. This way you handle life’s curve balls as a couple because that’s what the two of you are. In turn, that then makes your lives both much easier and your relationship much stronger.

Stress is something that affects everyone and is something that is a monkey on everyone’s backs at certain times. It is important to be there for each other and to work through it together as a couple.